Learn What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Advanced Topics in Self-Driving Cars

Designed for students from G6-G12, AI Auto course was developed by Google curriculum design experts, under the guidance of experts from the autonomous vehicle field in Silicon Valley and Artificial Intelligence (AI) professors from Stanford University. The course has 2 levels, where level 1 is developed for G6-G8 students and level 2 for G9-G12 students.

AI Auto Level 2 introduces more advanced topics in AI including Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc. Students will work with their teammates on bigger challenges to solve more complex problems. Through the courses and projects, students will improve their soft skills, including Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, etc. They will also have the opportunity to evaluate their level of interest in STEM for college and future careers.

(9th Grade-12th Grade)

AI Auto Level 2 


  • Unit I-AI Self-Driving and Advanced Python Programming                           

        Project: Upgrade Your “Self-Driving Car”

  • Unit II-Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

        Project: Facial Recognition and NLP application

  • Unit III-Machine Learning (ML) and Advanced Algorithm

        Project: Write ML algorithm from scratch

  • Unit IV-Deep Learning and Final Challenge

        Group Project: Solve a Real-World Problem in

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           Why Choose the Course:

  • Challenge students’ capabilities to solve real-world problems in the field of AI and self-driving car, with more complicated projects

  • Improve 21st century skills, including Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, etc.

  • Students will have an opportunity to evaluate their level of interest in STEM for college and future careers

  • Opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant for the class for lower grades

  • Prerequisite to participate in AI-ego UC A-G elective to gain credits that will help with UC college application

           Course Structure: 

AI Auto course Level 2 consists of 4 units and each unit features lots of hands-on projects and interactive activities, gradually leading students into the world of AI.

Self-Driving using Design Thinking



           Course Details:

  • Course Length-Minimum 6 weeks

  • Lesson Length-1 or 2-hour lesson, 1 or 2 lessons per week

  • Class Size-Average 10 (maximum 15)

  • Minimum Age-9th Grade

  • Prerequisite-You have to complete AI Auto Level 1 before you enroll         

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What students are saying... 

" I heard a lot about AI from people around me. Now I finally have a deeper understanding of this term!- Aston (student)"

" I am a Sophomore and I was still in the hesitation of picking my university's major. I am very fortunate to participate in this course! I am now more determined to choose computer science as my major in college!- Audrey (student)"


 Although this type of course is difficult, it greatly expands the students' knowledge. Students can start understanding and learning the cutting-edge technology in our society, and establishing their interest and enthusiasm for science and technology before entering university.- Mr. Hom (superintendent) 

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