5D Innovation Leadership ( 3rd Grade-12th Grade)

Learn 5D Thinking Methodology to Become a Innovative Leader!

Designed for students from G3-G12, the course was developed by professors from Berkeley Haas School of Business and award winning teacher who graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Education. The course has 2 levels, where level 1 is developed for G3-G5 students and level 2 for G6-G8 students.

Innovative Leaders like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk think and do things in a certain way that leads to their successes and the world will changed by what they created. 5D Innovation Leadership takes students explore how their brains work, and summarizes their way of thinking and performing the 5D Innovative Leadership methodology: Discover Problems, Define Goals, Develop Solutions, Drive People and Deliver Results. The course used Project Based Learning instead of lectures of concept explaining. Students will either work on their own or with their fellow classmates on a variety of hands-on projects and activities where they use 5D methodology to approach a problem and gradually improve their innovation and leadership skills. This is a fundamental soft skill that will help students become better at solving all sorts of problem in their life, school or career in the future. 

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        Why Choose the Course: 

  • Student will learn an essential thinking tool for life-5D Thinking Methodology and how to apply the methodology to lead a team and solve problems in daily life.

  • Inspire and guide students to think out of box and generate an innovative solutions step by step. 

  • Improve students' public speaking and team leadership skills through different team projects in every class.


         What students are saying...

“I learnt how to observe and recognize problems; I also enjoyed working with other classmates, and realized the importance of teamwork.”- Nina (student)

“I like Edward (the instructor) a lot! He encouraged us all the time no matter what we say. He taught us how to think from other's perspective.”-Philex (student)

“This year is our first time working with GES to bring the creative thinking course to our school. Our students not only learnt a new approach for creative problem solving, but also had a lot of fun. We look forward to having more of our students benefit from this program”- Mr. Fei Shen (associate principal)
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