Our Programs

GES Education offers an array of programs designed to excite children from PK-12 and their families about the most cutting edge technologies and their applications, Artificial Intelligence, for example. Our experience tells us that the best learning occurs when students teach themselves - when they discover something on their own. As a result, all of our programs feature hands-on projects built by each child to engage and delight them while making it easy to understand even complex concepts.

We offer programs during after school (3 - 6pm during school days) and school breaks - spring, summer and winter - as well as weekend and holiday workshops throughout the year, currently in California.

Our advantages:

  • Exceptional Course Design Team to keep courses relevant

  • Professional Operations to guarantee program quality

  • Complete Staff Training System to ensure quality teaching


After School Enrichment

We focus on informing students the most cutting edge technologies out there in the world

Summer Camp

Our summer camps help sutdents gain personal growth and critical life skills

Classroom Pack

We offer the classroom pack and teacher training programs to help educators build their AI classroom 

More to come...

We keep adding new programs into our offerings to benefit our students in every possible way