PockeTurtle (Pre-K-2rd Grade)

Develop Basic Critical & Logical Thinking Skills in the Game and Interactions

PockeTurtle is an innovative early childhood programming platform. It is an unplugged programming enlightenment course designed for preschool children from 3 to 8 years old. The whole course does not require electronic equipment. The children use sets of special programming pens, programming cards, and programming puzzles to learn basic coding. It is very easy for children to operate and also gives them a chance to develop basic critical and logical thinking skills behind the programming in the game and interactions. The design of the curriculum also protect children from overusing computer/tablet in the learning and thinking process.



         Why Choose the Course:

  • Designed specifically for children at their early stage of cognitive development

  • Encourage children to learn through discovery and playing with tangible objects

  • Focus on problem solving, communication and collaboration skills with collaborative and cooperative game play

  • Enable children program the turtle with unconventional “coding” tools, such as cards and color pens

  • Reduce children’s “screen time” and encourage more physical play

  • The curriculum is easy to deploy. The “unplugged” platform puts minimum requirement on teachers’ background and facilities of the school

            Course Structure

PockeTurtle has a rich curriculum that consists of 3 levels with 150+ hours of materials.

  • Introductory Level-Introduces the basic concept of programming with multi-modal programming methods. (50+ school hours)

  • Intermediate Level-Introduces the key concept of loops and conditional. (50+ school hours)

  • Advanced Level-Introduces more advanced concept of functions and parameters. (50+ school hours)

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        Course Details:

  • Course Length-Minimum 4 weeks

  • Lesson Length-1 hour lesson, 1 or 2 lessons per week

  • Class Size-Average 10 (maximum 18)

  • Minimum Age-Pre-K

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