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PockeTurtle (PreK-2rd Grade)

Develop Basic Critical & Logical Thinking Skills in the Games and Interactions

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Innovative Coding Platform

Comprehensive Curriculum



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PockeTurtle Course is an innovative early childhood programming enlightenment course designed for children from PreK to 2nd Grade. The whole course does not require electronic equipment. The children use a set of special pens, cards, and puzzles to learn basic coding.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Encourage children to learn through discovery and playing with tangible objects

  • Focus on problem solving and communication skills with collaborative game play

  • Reduce children’s “screen time” and encourage more physical play

Course Structure

  • Introductory Level:
    Introduces the basic concept of programming with multi modal programming methods

  • Intermediate Level:  

     Introduces the key concept of loops and conditions

  • Advanced Level:  

     Introduces more advanced concept of functions and parameters 

Each Kit includes:

  • One PockeTurtle with a charging cable

  • One Set of Color Coding Markers

  • One Set of Color Coding Cards

  • One Set of Worksheets 

 * includes four booklets for four different topics,

each booklet contains four hours of contents. ​

For a custom quote, contact 

$2,400 / 10 Kits

$3,600 / 10 Kits


Comes With One Teacher Manual

PockeTurtle Classroom Pack

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