PockeBot (3rd Grade-5th Grade)

Learn Visual Programming & Computational Thinking in the Games

PockeBot is an online platform that integrates robotics and game technologies to teach students Computational Thinking, which is critical to problem solving in AI. The well-developed curriculum familiarizes students with visual programming techniques. Students progress through the lessons learning concepts in a game-like interface. After completing this course, students will be able to build a wide variety of simple programs with events, loops, and some conditional logic. Through the combination of robots and programming, the course allows children to learn computer thinking and artificial intelligence more efficiently and effectively.

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             Why Choose the Course:

  • Combine software and hardware to develop students’ computational thinking skills

  • Incorporate game elements into challenging curriculum to make learning a fun process

  • Excite students with projects that use 21st century skills and build their confidence with STEM

  • Engage students in active learning, creating opportunity for deeper learning, which will help improve students’ overall performance at school

  • Make students have a blast with hands-on challenges, which makes abstract concepts easier to understand   

            Course Structure

PockeBot curriculum consists of 3 phases with 100+ hours of course content.

  • Phase I-Introduces the basic concept of graphical programming and gets the bot moving.

  • Phase II-Introduces basic game design and integrates AR; teaches basic data structure and let students program the bot to conquer a variety of challenges.

  • Phase III-Introduces python programming, real-time human-robot interaction; more applications and challenges including self-driving, sweeping robot, smart moving, etc.

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           Course Details:

  • Course Length-Minimum 4 weeks

  • Lesson Length-1 hour lesson, 1 or 2 lessons per week

  • Class Size-Average 10 (maximum 18)

  • Minimum Age-3rd Grade

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