AI-Ego After School Program™ 

AI-Ego is the registered trademark of the exclusive artificial intelligence course independently developed by GES International Education Group.

The development of the course has been guided by the professor of the unmanned vehicle field in Silicon Valley and the chairman of the Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute.

AI is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence, Ego means "I" in Latin. There is also a little negative meaning for 'Ego' in spoken language. It describes that someone is too "self". Ego can be good or bad. It perfectly fit for society’s perception of “the impact of artificial intelligence on human society”. Using microcomputer hardware and python programming language, AI-Ego covers two key applications of artificial intelligence: speech recognition and image recognition. 

After taking the course, students will understand and master the realization of robots and the programming methods of artificial intelligence programs, and design robots that are closer to our practical use, thus enhancing students' understanding of artificial intelligence- this whole process is like the students are cultivating a small version of themselves, the "I", making the robots more and more "smart", that is, AI-Ego.

* Course features:
1. PBL course design and teaching methods + artificial intelligence cutting-edge technology and application
2. The course emphasizes on improving students' comprehensive abilities. The positive psychology (from Harvard University), design thinking methodology (from Stanford University), and social ethics which are included in the course will have a positive impact on shaping a correct outlook on life and values for students.